Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Working experience with Wireless Router

This is the first time when I was working with the wireless hub and I found this experience very different from the other network problems I faced or other lessons I learnt ever since I took over the networking in my company.

Recently when one of the hardware vendors gave us DLINK DI714P+ wireless router for the testing purpose. This was the first time when I was working with wireless router so initially I took some time in reading the manual and setup instructions. After reading it for some time I took the necessary steps to connect the router in existing network but only found that the WiFi port on my boss’s laptop is not receiving any kind of signals and it was the indication that router is not setup properly. Very soon I realized that after setting this router the factory settings make this router as in the network and that was the problem as we already had this IP assigned to our Gateway. Our vendor who gave us this product said that it might have got some other IP like and we tried finding out that, but we still were not able to ping that IP so he suggested us to reset it to factory mode which we tried few times bye pressing Reset button provided on the router panel few time but noting seems to be was working as we were not able to find out which IP it is using and also the wireless signals were also not getting to laptop.
After playing a lot we decided to put this router in an isolated room with the isolated network environment and we connected the router to one of the laptops directly. We assigned the IP to the laptops local area connection. It was showing all the indication that router is working but laptop was still not receiving proper signals on WiFi.

Then we tried to figure out if it is connecting and showing all indicators ok then it must be listening on some port or IP and what is that?. We use the “ arp – a “ command to find out which device its communicating and on what IP… and that was it we found that the router has got the IP which our vendor had configured at there client’s place, we again tried to reset it to factory mode but no… it was not resetting which might be some kind of bug or problem is device. As we were just testing it, we decided to go ahead and try web based administration by browsing and we got the access we tried few settings and decided to put in the actual network as there wont be clash of IP’s as this one has got which was unused on our network and we immediately put it on to the network.

When we tried it with my boss’s laptop he was able to communicate over the network in the same room as the router was kept that means we did right setting and the router was functioning well. Now we wanted to test the range of the router so we moved the laptop from the room and went into to some other room till 20-30 meters it was giving the nice and stable connection but as soon as we moved beyond 30 meters is started losing the range and ultimately lost the connection beyond 2 walls, I guess that might be the maximum range this router could support. The connection speed was also changing according to the distance, even in the same room where router has kept we were getting 1maximum speed of about 11mbps.
This was truly and really great experience for me as I could try out few practical things about the wireless network connections.


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