Friday, March 12, 2004

Significant Improvement...

Recently I noticed one significant improvement in the windows .net server family. Few days ago one of the
Windows .net server with enterprise edition system started behaving strangely and the color scheme got changed. Although everything on the desktop was readable but the colors scheme was strange and was different from the standard windows.
As it was one of our DCs ,I was desparately trying to find out what's the problem is all about but I was not getting any sort of hint and event log was not showing anything specifically.
While I was trying to check all this suddenly one message window popped up saying something like "Your NVIDIA Vanta Display drive is crashed and also showed the driver filename along with that, it also asked me to save the unsaved work and then restart the system", and I did that. After the reboot the system was ok and up and fine without any hassles. I guess this is really a significant improvement by Microsoft from 2000 to 2003.
If I am not mistaken in NT/windows2000 in such situation the system would have given a typical blue screen error, but this dose not happened in Windows 2003.

This is really a great improvement...


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