Friday, August 27, 2004

Application Compatibility Testing and Mitigation Guide

In my last post i explained the procedure of creating service pack2 integrted bootable windows xp cd. Now is the time to deploy the new service packs across your network. Like me if you are also worried about the application compatibility issues after successfully deploying the service pack 2 and thinking how to overcome such situation, then fortunately there is a solution for it.

Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) introduces a set of security technologies that improve the ability of Windows XP systems to withstand malicious attacks, and provides the IT administrator with system wide security configuration capabilities.

SP2 is more secure by default, and thus automatically provides Windows XP systems with improved protection. However, because system security becomes more restrictive upon initial installation, SP2 may also expose application compatibility issues. It is important that an investigation into possible application compatibility issues takes place prior to full deployment.

This guidance discusses the security technologies, an application testing process, incompatibility symptoms, mitigation techniques, and deployment scenarios. It makes no assumption about the size or complexity of the network, and is as relevant to peer-to-peer environments as it is to Active Directory environments.

This is available from here -

Very nicely written and explained the changes in the service pack2.:)


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